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          VisionInternationalization and informationalization
          Smile, joy, and love
          missionTaixiang brand, with international qualitys
          Trust us; we are on the spot!
          Industrial PositioningCommit to society, serve society
          develop agriculture industrialization
          and expand business
          Market positioninglead the development of agriculture
          influence the fishery industry
          care about students, and rejuvenate China
          Competitive positioningTo be human and professional
          Quality guarantees the job of the staff from Taixiang company
          and reputation ensures their income.
          serviceCustomers; workers; countrymen pursueSafety; nutrition; thrifty; emotion strategyTaixiang brand; international manufacturing;international brand;Taixiang manufacturing InnovationCollective action; total innovation; continuous improvement
          Quality PolicyConstant training, test, check, and exam
          Strictly enforce the related laws and regulations
          and meet the standards and demands of the system and customers
          Quality goalCustomer Satisfaction

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